Bargain Hunting in New York 11.17.09

Today, while shopping in SoHo, New York, I stumbled upon a store called Top Shop and their ongoing sale since October. Yes, you read it right, October. About more than a month already and their Summer ’09 stock is still on sale. That means that they have a lot in stock and a lot to give away at a very low price.

Just last week, I bought 3 tank tops for $3 each. I work in SoHo, so before meeting up with a friend tonight, I decided to go check out if the sale was still on, and see what bargains I could get. And probably, I got the best bargain of my life! Two pairs of sandals, that cumulatively would cost about $170, I got for $20. YES! Twenty U.S Dollars! Each pair is made of genuine leather and/or suede. How can anyone miss out on such a great sale?

So, even if you’re on a very low budget, and are still craving to spend just a little bit of money and buy something nice that will make your day, or night, then definitely check out Top Shop. It’s originally a store from England, but has been doing great here in SoHo. I think the only location in New York that I know of is on Broome Street and Broadway. The store itself is very hip and fun. Loud music playing, colorful, edgy clothes, and lots of fun shopping.

Always have a great time shopping, it actually helps you get ideas on what you can mix ‘n match and open your minds to the endless options you can get. I’ll be posting on bargain hunting around NY every week to share the stores I like shopping at that have great clothes at really great prices that won’t break your budget.


~ by Fariyal on November 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Bargain Hunting in New York 11.17.09”

  1. 5amn, so it’s only women’s clothing? LOL…

    LOL @ you and your damn sandals, ummm, you do know it’s November right?

  2. No, I’ll give tidbits on men’s clothing too. The sale topics are for men too. Just have to apply them to yourself.
    And its good to buy items from past seasons in a different season, you will ALWAYS get them for a super cheap price.

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