Frank Stella

Printer, painter, sculptor; one word to describe Frank Stella: Crazy! Why? Not because I think his designs and creations are crazy, but because his mind is totally outside the box. Which means crazy in a great way!

Talk about deconstructionism. This man knows what he’s doing and is doing it the right way (even though there is no right or wrong in art). He understands what he wants out of his work and delivers it every single time. Whether you think his creations are out of this world, or just plain ugly, you know for sure that the amount of time and thought that went into each piece, should very much be appreciated.

At one point of his life, Stella decided to be an architect, but the architecture world can only handle one crazy Frank (Frank Gehry being the first one). Here are some of his painting, and sculptures.


~ by Fariyal on November 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “Frank Stella”

  1. Whoa! They’re hotttt! I like the second and the second to last one. Didn’t you use stella for some project in school?
    I like!!!

  2. Yes in fact i did. I like the abstract designs i have and i wanted the building i design to be abstract but in a simpler way. Simple and abstract mught not even go together looking at these images.

  3. I don’t remember your building right now. I’ma need a
    The second to last one is cool. I would get a print of that and hang it up somewhere…lol

  4. It was the skyscraper project, maybe you don’t remember; we didnt hve the same class. But yeah i used one of his sculptures (not shown in this post) as an inspiration and i simplified it a lot.

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