Black or White?

When this song came out, I was too young to understand the real meaning behind it. I always used to ask myself, “Why are these faces changing so quick from Chinese, White, then Black?”.  One minute the face belonged to Tyra Banks, the next to some Chinese lady, and then to a random dark skinned guy. While in New York last night, just walking around the city, a vendor was selling some MJ DVD’s of his most famous songs/videos. One of them, of course was Black or White.

While watching this video, I came to the conclusion that it was about race. About how it doesn’t matter what your color is. And what really matters is what is inside, your personality. I truly believe that MJ’s numerous physical transformations lead him to write/ and compose that song. I guess it was his way of justifying why his complexion was changing so drastically. Well, whether he started off his career as black, and ended it white, it really doesn’t matter. The bigger picture is the great music he shared with the world, and the love he received for that.


~ by Fariyal on November 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Black or White?”

  1. Ok, as a kid i absolutely LOVED this song. So much so, i recorded it from the radio and would do the running man to it. There’s also a home video of my brother and i dancing to it. He was in diapers. It was cute.

  2. Lol! I can imagine you dancing to this. Sounds cute. Would love to see that vid some time.

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