La Villa

If you’re bored out of your mind eating the same boring, greasy pizza that was not even made in a real brick oven, then head over to La Villa, for the real deal. La Villa is located in Brooklyn, on 5th Avenue between Garfield Place and First Street. For starters, they give you their signature focaccia bread topped with sweet onions and herbs (see pic below). For entrees, you can choose anything from their special brick oven pizzas, to the meaty lasagna, and even some healthy options with their grilled chicken and arugula wraps. Prices are reasonable, any where from $5-$20. The ambience of the restaurant is warm, and the service is great!

Hungry yet?


~ by Fariyal on November 22, 2009.

4 Responses to “La Villa”

  1. NICE!
    I love the bottom 2 pics.

  2. Thanks, the last one wasn’t taken by me. But the rest are. You got to try their food! It’s delicious.

  3. Oh, that’s from the web?

  4. Yeah, the food pics are nice.

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