The Street Artist | Ernest Rosenberg

To many, he’s just a regular guy selling his artwork to make ends meet. But I knew there was something special about him and his work when I actually spoke to him. Ernest Rosenberg, is a New York artist, trying to make it big in the art world. His work was abstract; lines, colors, curves defined his signature style.

As we spoke, I noticed the fact that we had very similar art styles. Meaning we both love abstract designs and bright, bold colors that will make a statement in every piece; perhaps that’s the reason I just had to stop and take pictures and ask him more about his paintings. His work is mostly inspired by Andy Warhol, as you’ll see in the pictures. Ernest said he has sold many of his interesting pieces, but would love to share more of his work with the world. He is at Spring Street and Greene Street everyday, so do check him out when you’re passing by. A very interesting person, with a great talent.

The artist himself | Ernest Rosenberg


~ by Fariyal on December 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Street Artist | Ernest Rosenberg”

  1. This is Ernest Rosenberg, the artist. Fariyal, your blog/website looks very amazing. I saw and continue to see lots of sites and yours is ‘TOP SHELF’. Going with a black template was a sleek, smart move. all the best.

  2. thanks fari-y’all for the blog. It’s beutiful. Much success to you and happy holidays

  3. hay Fari-y all. ernest. Is it possable you could email this photo shot to me, or this page? If so, i love you and if not, i still love you. Thanks

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