DvF’s Pre-Fall Collection 2010

Diane von Furstenberg’s pre-fall collection is out for us to see and enjoy. Here’s a few pieces from her Fall 2010 collection. Seems like she paired exquisite, very feminine dresses, or skirts, with bulky jackets. The extra large tops, and jackets look is carrying on to next year’s fall season; so save your over sized sweaters, jackets and tops for next year and save on some money as well.

If you can’t afford DvF’s collection (…I’m in the same boat), then you can go to clothing stores like Forever 21, H&M, Express, etc., to find a similar dress that can be then paired with your current Fall/Winter jacket or sweater. For now, just sit back for the preview of DvF’s Fall 2010 Collection.


~ by Fariyal on December 4, 2009.

5 Responses to “DvF’s Pre-Fall Collection 2010”

  1. Nice…
    I guess she’s done with the belt look for now.

    Is that genie pants in #2? BLASPHEME!!

  2. Yes it is genie pants…a.k.a harem pants lol…get the term right!
    Also, the belt look was from 2 fall’s ago.

    Damn girl, you hit me with a Prada bullet [lol] Harem Pants, I said it right, you happy now..lol

  4. 🙂 yeah!

  5. […] right, are way too loose and Perez Hilton’s jersey/knit hammer pants are choking his calves. Diane von Furstenberg does it just right with her tailored capri/harem pant. Yet still, I gagged a little when I saw it […]

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