Bargain Hunting In New York 12.09.09

It’s a bit hard to find bargains after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Clothing or any department stores don’t want to put their items on sale for particular reasons. Some reasons being that soon after Thanksgiving, people start shopping for Christmas gifts for their loved ones, and a lot of people will end up buying things on regular price. If you’re smart enough, you will complete your X-mas shopping around Black Friday or Cyber Monday time because almost all stores have a huge sale.

Give the sales some time after Thanksgiving; I would say at least 2 weeks. The closer the Christmas date comes, the more sales will be held, and the happier your wallet will be by you saving some mint. Right now, most stores such as Old Navy and Forever 21 have a sale on their items. Not everything, but things that could be bought as gifts, such as hats, gloves, pajamas — the typical gifts for family members. If you like to spend more and buy electronics and other such items, then those are also reduced to a lower price. Just check out Best Buy, or any other of your favorite electronic stores.

At the moment, good stores to check out are Old Navy, H&M, and also Forever 21 as they have sales going on. Most stores almost always have a clearance section, so do check that section out too because sometimes you can pick an item up for $4.99 that would’ve been sold for $19.99 original price. I have done that so many times and a lot of things in my closet are from clearance sections that look like they were bought from a chic boutique. Don’t be shy or ashamed of buying items from a clearance rack; it’s recession, we all understand.


~ by Fariyal on December 9, 2009.

One Response to “Bargain Hunting In New York 12.09.09”

  1. H&M is God sent! I went there and got all the accessories I’d need for this dress that I got, for a company party I was going to attend, all in 20 min!!! I kid you not. ❤ H&M, I've converted.

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