The MTA Inspires My Fashion Sense

You guys ever wake up in the morning thinking today is your day. Nothing will go wrong at work, you’re going to be looking so fashionable that random photographers on the street will be taking pictures of you to post on their websites. And then the train car door opens, the wind hits your face, and you see a girl step in dressed in Chanel from head-to-toe. There goes your sunshine, you’re not the main focus in the train anymore, and even your coffee starts tasting bitter. Your stylish jacket, stockings, and pumps look too “simple”; only because she looks like she’s going to a fashion show, whereas you’re just going to same old boring work.

This scenario has happened to me so many times. Some days when I feel like I’m the most stylish person on the block, there comes along another fashionista to steal my spotlight. But what I’ve learned from situations like these is that we should learn from other people’s fashion sense. We can apply it to ourselves and filter out everything that won’t suit us and that will be unnecessary. For example, I’m a very curvy female. Most likely the above mentioned Chanel-wearing female’s clothes won’t even fit me. So what I can do is study what people are wearing and modify it to my body type.

Some of the most fashionable train lines are the F, A, R, 2, 3 and 6 trains — mostly because of the areas these trains pass through. The F goes through Park Slope in Brooklyn and Lower East Side. Both areas have a very similar fashion sense and 85% of the train passengers will have great style. So next time you’re on the train, don’t just sit there drinking your coffee and wondering what you’ll have for lunch; because watching people on the train and noticing how they dress will help you a lot to understand your individual style and body type.


~ by Fariyal on December 16, 2009.

One Response to “The MTA Inspires My Fashion Sense”

  1. You’re BUGGING!! The most fashionable NYC train is the L: Hello, Williamsburg, duhhh!! You must have wrote this in a (Really good post though..I like it, it’s like something that would go on my

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