Introspective Art | Neysa Jin

Recently, on my trip to Miami, I had the chance to head down to the Arts Center of  South Florida. There, I met an artist, Neysa Jin, whose work truly was inspirational. The work in the artist’s own words is, “a private, introspective meditation on my own fear, longing and hope.”

I had the chance to ask  some questions since the work was SO interesting to me.

  • How and what are you inspired by?

“My work is the backwards journey from a personal experience to the overarching concepts that drove and motivated those involved, including myself, to act. The materials and objects I use are integral to rendering my interpretations of these concepts.”

  • How has art, or what you specifically do changed your life?

“I use art to explore human psyche and to know myself better.  We are like two parallel vines of the same plant. It isn’t that art has changed my life so much, as it is more a partner.  I respond to it and it responds to me and we change together and grow together.”

  • Describe your artwork in one word.


Check out the artist’s website here.


~ by Fariyal on January 6, 2010.

One Response to “Introspective Art | Neysa Jin”

  1. Really cool post, the work is interesting. I like them all, the globe one reminds me of the artichoke lights in my office…glad you had fun down there, Ace.

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