Winter Styles on the Street

I know this brutal winter is overwhelming. Forget work, you want to stay in, cuddle in your bed, grab a hot chocolate, and stay warm. *Aaaahh, the good life*… Okay, let’s snap out of that dream, because we all know we have to go out to work, meet people, socialize, etc. We don’t need to kill our style to keep warm. We can stay warm by wearing stylish clothes without having to become a scene on the street, like these three women here. They all kept their style modern, and warm.

She’s wearing a vintage coat, a men’s winter hat, a handbag from a flea market from France, and a pullover sweater from China.

Zara cape, All-Saints boots, scarf from her mother, and a self-made bag. (Yeah I thought that was an original Chanel bag too…talk about creative).

Faux fur coat, cute head piece, quirky blue shirt dress, stockings and boots. So eighties!


~ by Fariyal on January 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “Winter Styles on the Street”

  1. Great post – where did you get these photos? Or did you take them yourself? I love #2 and I could see myself in #3 minus the bag and headband.

  2. Where’s your pic at? You know how to do it up too…lol

  3. I got these photos from Great site, check it out! I can definitely see myself in #1 and #3. I love the cape in #2 but I don’t think it would suit me. Btw, I’m now following you on twitter. 🙂

    And coreAppler, I know I should’ve put my pic up too, haha! Soon enough.

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