My blog is all about ART, ART, ART!!! Any form art takes, I’m interested in it. Whether it be music, food, architecture, sculptures, paintings, photography, fashion … you name it! I just want to share my views on what interests me. This blog will mostly feature fashion, since I can’t breathe without it…but also include other topics such as architecture which I studied for four years.

Art is everywhere. We can not miss it, even if we try to. Our day-to-day lives are filled with it; and everywhere I go, I notice it in some shape or form. I want my viewers/readers to enjoy what they read here and hopefully open their hearts and minds to the beautiful world we live in.

Since this blog is mostly about fashion, I’d like to share my experience and how I came about to love this form of art. Well, fashion to me, is art. Art is the way we express ourselves through paintings, sculptures, writing, and even through how we dress and how we convey our personal style.

Ever since I was a little girl, my Dad would dress me up and take pictures of me; like I was his little model. I was so young I don’t even remember him doing that, but I’ve seen pictures. That’s the earliest [picture] memory I have of myself in stylish clothes. I grew up in a family where image is everything. You either have to look good before stepping out of the house, or don’t step out at all!

Fast forwarding my life up until 5 years ago, right before starting college, I wasn’t sure on what I wanted to do. What ever it was though, I knew it would be something related to art; that being said, I ended up studying Architecture. At first I hated it then I loved it, and sometimes I just didn’t want to be around it. Long story short, it was definitely a love/ hate relationship.

By the last semester of college and half of my brain cells totally burned, I started noticing people on the trains, streets, restaurants of New York. What I noticed about them was, that they were all ‘dressed to impress’, meaning that each and everyone of them was thinking about their image before they stepped out of their house. Same principle my family raised me by. So there it was, my love for fashion started. Everyday, I’d look at the people on the streets and be inspired by their style, apply it to myself, and filter out all things that didn’t suit me. I began going to the most fashionable areas of NY (such as SoHo, Upper East Side, etc) to see what the latest in style was; and also read magazines on a regular basis.

That alone, inspired me to a level where I made up my mind- FINALLY!!! … and said to myself that this is what I want to do. Fashion is my path to success, and freedom.

Fashion to me = freedom, success, empowerment. And all things in between. If you look around, fashion is everywhere. You’ll hardly see someone walking around naked; so obviously they have something on. Whether you’re in to fashion or not, you can not avoid it. You wear fashion on a daily basis in your own personal manner. So all the people who dislike fashionistas out there, look in the mirror please, because you’re a little fashionista in your own little world as well.

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